Our size may be small, but our solutions are great.

Arteco is undeniably small in size, but it has deliberately chosen to do without middlemen in order to shorten the distance between customers and the solution they are looking for.

At Arteco's, it's simply "from us to you": a direct relationship between company and customer.

Such a rapport implies that we listen carefully to customers, that we react promptly and with flexibility to their specific requirements, that we offer them competent advice and the most ingenious solution, and that we supply them with the best product in terms of performances, reliability and highly competitive price.

It is on such an ethos, which aims at truly complete customer satisfaction, that Arteco has built and will continue to build its success.



All our flanges are conform to European (EN), Italian (UNI), German (DIN) and US (ANSI) norms. We produce plate - lap joint - welding neck - threaded and blind flanges.
We use the following raw materials:
carbon steel = ASTM A105 - C22,8 - RST37,2
stainless steel = ASTM A182 F304 - F316L